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Chandler MHM has a dedicated team with extensive experience advising on antitrust and trade competition matters in Thailand. Our experience covers the full spectrum of the applicable regulations, including abuse of dominance, general misconduct, severe and non-severe cartels including different types of domestic and cross-border arrangements ranging from contractual and explicit agreements to implicit agreements and tacit parallelism, merger control, and offshore arrangements.

Our team offers the full spectrum of professional services within the realm of antitrust and trade competition law, including internal antitrust audits of business units to identify gaps and concerns and to rectify non-compliance, creation and revision of internal manuals for employees to prevent inadvertent breaches, merger control review, merger filing (both pre-merger approval filing and post-merger notification filing). We provide internal training and workshops, general advice and revise contracts for antitrust compliance while ensuring retention of commercial advantages and original desired positions.

We defend clients against allegations by their counter-parties and advise on investigations by the Office of Trade Competition Commission. We have raised successful defenses against allegations by counter-parties and investigations by the Office of Trade Competition Commission. In addition we have undertaken successful filings with the Office of Trade Competition Commission.

Our team also conducts company-wide antitrust internal audits for large multinationals and alliance networks.

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