Chandler MHM


Thailand’s Cybersecurity Snapshot: Current Laws and Emerging Trends

In recent years, news and headlines have increasingly highlighted the surge in cyber threats and crimes. Organizations and individuals in Thailand have been targeted by a variety of cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, system hacks, spam calls, and phishing scams. These threats are often linked to data leaks or illegal sales of personal information.

To address these issues, the Thai government has developed a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. This framework includes legal measures to enhance technology security and privacy standards. Additionally, the government has established a cybercrime department within the criminal court to handle cybercrimes more effectively.

With numerous parties involved and a wide range of regulations in place, this article provides an overview of the key aspects of Thailand’s cybersecurity-related legal regime and aims to help business operators review their understanding of and ensure compliance with current cybersecurity standards.