Chandler MHM


Thailand’s Energy Transition Report: Outlook for 2024

It has been a year since we released our inaugural energy transition report (Thailand’s Energy Transition: 2023 Outlook). Last year, our three main predictions were: (i) an increased reliance on liquified natural gas (“LNG”) to meet Thailand’s energy needs; (ii) the additional deployment of renewable energy projects; and (iii) the development of an electric vehicle (“EV”) ecosystem. Each of our predictions has proven to be accurate, and indeed, the movement we have seen in each of these areas has exceeded our expectations.

As 2024 approaches, the energy transition remains the primary lens through which investments in the energy sector are evaluated. Once again, the 2024 Outlook will not provide an exhaustive analysis of all aspects of Thailand’s energy transition, as the topic is broader and deeper than a report of this nature would be able to cover. Rather, this report will provide a snapshot of key legislative, regulatory and policy initiatives that are likely to guide the energy transition in 2024 and further into the future.

Should you wish to contact any of the co-authors to discuss any of the topics covered in this guide, please refer to the contact details at the end of the report. Our team is confident that you will find this guide, which is provided free of charge to you, to be a valuable resource.