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Thailand: Legalisation of Ride-Hailing Official

On 23 June 2021, the Ministerial Regulation on Ride-Hailing Cars Via Electronic System B.E. 2564 (2021) (the “MR”), as approved by the Cabinet on 25 May 2021, (see details) was published in the Government Gazette. The MR aims to promote the sharing economy by legalising ride hailing activities while at the same time regulating those activities for the safety of passengers. Overall, the MR only prescribes the concept of what is an acceptable ride-hailing service. The details of the requirements (in particular, the conditions for the electronic ride-hailing system and registration of the electronic ride-hailing system provider) will be subsequently detailed in subordinated laws.

Regulation details

Vehicle and system requirements

Under this MR, any cars that will be used in the electronic ride-hailing system must be registered as ride-hailing cars via an electronic system. The MR allows any driver to register only one car per driver. Moreover, the registered car shall meet the minimum requirements which are to be prescribed by the Department of Land Transport (the “DLT”).

In addition, the MR also specifies that the electronic ride-hailing system shall meet the requirements laid down by DLT, which shall include at least: (i) information on the registered car and driver; (ii) the authentication system for verifying the driver; (iii) system for calculating the fare in advance; (iv) car tracking system; (v) system for checking the time and location of destination; and (vi) complaint or S.O.S. system.

Service rates

The MR further states that the minister has the power to prescribe the fare rate or other service rate. To date, the prescribed fares are as follows:

The subordinated laws under this MR will prescribe further details. We will keep you updated on further developments.