Chandler MHM

Chandler MHM Demonstrates its Commitment to the Thai Community by supporting Wattanod School

On Saturday, 18 May 2024 representatives from Chandler MHM visited Wattanod School in Ayudhya, Thailand to provide a broad range of support. This event was part of the firm's ongoing commitment to support rural schools in Thailand.

The program for the day comprised a variety of activities which included establishing vegetable gardens and mushroom silos to provide the students with better nutrition on an ongoing basis. In addition, the firm’s members also organized a fun-filled activity session, allowing members to interact and engage with the students. Overall, the firm seeks to create a more vibrant and conducive learning environment for the students at its partnership schools.

Chandler MHM maintains an ongoing corporate social responsibility program that focuses on long-term community support. By actively engaging in initiatives such as this event, the firm aims to strengthen its relationship with local communities, fulfill its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen and act in accordance with the principles of environmental social governance.

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