Chandler MHM

Chandler MHM implements "Spark Joy" Project as part of its ESG initiatives

Chandler MHM is proud to announce the successful implementation of its internal program called "Spark Joy" project. This initiative, launched earlier this year, aligns with the firm's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its dedication to environmental social governance (ESG) practices.

The "Spark Joy" project aims to reduce waste and promote sustainability within the firm by encouraging staff to engage in continual reuse and recycling of resources. The program consists of two key activities that have garnered enthusiastic participation from the firm’s members.

Under the "Reuse" activity, staff are encouraged to sell or dispose of items they no longer need. To facilitate this, the firm has created an internal auction event where members seeking budget-friendly items can place bids. The profits from the sale are then matched by the firm and donated to charitable causes. The inaugural event took place in February 2023, and we are delighted to announce that the proceeds were used to purchase two computers for Wat Theparat School (Thepparat Wittayakhan School) in Chachoengsao Province. The computers were delivered on Friday 12 May 2023, by our Managing Partner, Jessada Sawatdipong, and Partner, Nuanporn Wechsuwanarux.

Furthermore, the "Donation" activity promotes the responsible donation of unwanted items by assisting staff in finding appropriate destinations for their contributions. Recognizing the busy schedules of our members, we have streamlined the donation process to ensure that it is both convenient and has beneficial impact. The donated items were collected and given to the Mirror Foundation in Bangkok.

Chandler MHM is firmly committed to complying with the principles of ESG as an integral part of its business operations. By embracing sustainability and social responsibility, the firm aims to make a positive impact on the Thai community and the environment. The "Spark Joy" project is just one of many initiatives Chandler MHM is undertaking and planning to undertake to drive positive change within and beyond the organization.

For more information about Chandler MHM’s CSR or ESG initiatives, please contact Nuanporn Wechsuwanarux at or Business Development at