Chandler MHM

Chandler MHM & Clifford Chance: Joint Webinar on Environmental, Social and Governance Financing

On 17 September 2020, Chandler MHM and Clifford Chance held a joint Webinar on Environmental, Social and Governance Financing. The presenters from Clifford Chance included Fergus Evans, Matt Fairclough, Johannes Juette, Andrew Hutchins and Joanne Chan. Chandler MHM presenters included Joseph Tisuthiwongse.

The presenters discussed the continued development of the loan and bond elements of the growing environmental, social and governance financing markets. They explored legal and regulatory issues including the European "Climate Law", the EU Sustainable Disclosure Regulation and Low Carbon Benchmark Regulation. In addition, market changes including the EBA Action Plan on Sustainable Finance as well as documentary, disclosure and risk issues were discussed.

The Webinar was well attended showing a high level of interest in this topic. 

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